The Preset Group

The Preset Group is a consulting partnership focused on the ever-evolving digital signage and digital out of home industries. Two founding partners, with decades of direct experience in the sector, are backed up vertical experts in areas such as social media, mobile, advertising sales, content design, deployment and IT network design.

Based in Portland, Oregon, our group works across North America, and globally. We help companies that are making the financial and resources investments in digital signage networks to get those projects right, from the very start.

We called the company Preset because, well, it sounded cool, but also because presets are used to ensure something works well right out of the box. That’s how we look at our work.

We maintain a neutral position in the industry. That means while we know just about everybody in it – the strengths and flaws of their products and people – we don’t hump anyone’s wares. We won’t recommend something or someone because we’re getting spiffed on the back-end of the deal. Not gonna happen.

Our Client Commitment

We’re straight with our clients. We won’t blow smoke. We won’t shake pom-poms. We’ll tell you if your ideas are sound, or what’s needed to make them so. We’ll work with you, not for you. It’s a partnership.

We do everything from short-term 1-2 day needs analyses and guidance sessions, to special projects, to retainer work. Our client list – who we don’t talk about – includes several of the largest hardware manufacturers active in the sector, as well as numerous networks.

Since we started in mid-2009, we’ve done everything from advise on go-to-market strategies to write RFPs for networks. We’re diverse. And we like to think we’re pretty sharp.