pressDOOH is my media and marketing communications firm.

What I do, very simply, is the writing work for companies that don’t have the time to get it done otherwise. A lot of times, my clients don’t have anyone on the team who is all that good at putting words together effectively. If they went out and hired a PR firm, it’s very likely no one on that firm’s staff will have more than a fleeting grasp of their business or how to position what they do.

I do that stuff, and since starting my company in July 2009 I have built up a client roster of some 40 companies in eight countries. I don’t publicize my clients because they pay me to help build their businesses, not mine. But I will say it is everyone from very large fortune 500 firms down to start-ups, and everything in between. They’re all happy and call when they need more help.

While I started out with the idea of producing way better press releases than most of the formulaic crap (sorry, but it is) spat out every day, I actually do far more work writing studies, paper, sell sheets and website copy. I also do a LOT of ghost-writing for clients, usually for blogs but also for trade publications.

My rates will be better than a PR firm because my overhead is minimal, and I work fast – a product of being a big city daily newspaper journalist and then editor.

What I deliver is accurate, on message, buzzword-free and always easy to read.

I’ve grown very busy, very quickly, but am always interested in at least talking about taking on new assignments. I work on a project basis or, when it makes sense and clients want to reserve some of my time, on retainer.