After working for three decades for other people – with a two-year start-up sojourn in there on a media start-up that was spot-on but way too early – I am now firmly out there doing my own thing and not all that interested in working full-time for other people. I work mostly out of a home office and I love the daily commute.

I have one company I run on my own and one that’s a consulting partnership.

I consult on the digital signage, digital out of home and converging media sectors through The Preset Group, which is me and Pat Hellberg. We’re in two different cities and time zones. We’re rarely at the same place or on the same gig. It works.

I write, a lot, for other companies, through pressDOOH, which sounds like presto, not press-dew. Get it? PressDOOH. Presto! Wasn’t that clev…  oh, never mind.

In the nearly six-plus years I’ve been doing this I have written RFPs, two books, a bunch of micro-books, video scripts, presentation decks, a pile of press releases, white papers and case studies, a bunch of ghosted magazine articles and blog posts, pretty much ALL the words for three or four corporate websites, how-to guides,  and on and on. I try whenever I can to take on the voice or at least likely point of view of the client. I can be formal. I can be cheeky. If you read this blog regularly,  you know what I default to.

There was a time when I was asked to sit on panels at conferences, because I have opinions and am not afraid to voice them. My guess is that’s why I am not asked all that often anymore. I ALWAYS forget to bring pom-poms and cheer on all the awesomeness. Pffft.

Tech and media are hard work and I tell people as much.

That said, I do a LOT of speaking these days, most of it taking a “tell it like it is” approach. I have one talk called Your Baby Is Ugly.

I get approached by a lot of companies and entrepreneurs looking to get my ideas or perspective. Again, probably, because if I think it’s a dumb idea I will tell them. Nicely.

I also try to offer a better idea.

Global brands and start-ups hire me. The global brands pay better, but the start-ups are often a lot of fun, as long as they CAN pay me.

So hire me. I’m good.