Guest bloggers?

It is a lot of work cranking out posts, and I have had a quiet standing offer with a few folks I know to put their thoughts together and write a post for Sixteen:Nine now and then.

But I can’t remember if any of these people did or not.

My sense is there are lots of people around the sector with ideas and opinions who’d like to get them out there, but can’t or won’t commit to starting a blog. I think that’s smart, because unless you are ready to steadily feed your blog beast, don’t even start.

So if you want to get your thoughts or opinion out, I’m fairly open to submissions. I will probably do a little editing to tighten the post(s) up, but my the only real criteria is that they be interesting, on topic, and not anything that will get lawyers moving.

[highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]I also do NOT accept submissions from companies that are looking to embed links in the articles for their clients, which I assume is for SEO or some exotic thing like that. Not interested.[/highlight]

Send me a note to dave [at] if you want to suggest a piece or three.