I have consulted for companies of all sizes and stripes during 17+ years in the digital signage business – from big banks, QSRs and global apparel brands to most of the big technology companies active in this ecosystem.

That consulting happens through The Preset Group – my partnership with signage content guru Pat Hellberg – or sometimes on my own, through Vertical Media Consulting Group – when it is a technical job with vendors or it involves a pile of writing.

For end-users, the consulting is usually about defining the objectives and strategy and connecting end-users with the most suitable technology providers. That’s a process than can be curated recommendations, or an RFP. I have written several, and supervised vendor selection on several, including Fortune 500 clients. Pat and I also hold a lot of hands through the process.

For vendors, the work is widely varied, but often focuses on strategy, message and understanding and penetrating the eco-system. For companies entering the market, startups or well-established, I help them understand the landscape, where they fit and who they should be working with and what they should be chasing. I can make one call or send one e-mail and get meetings that might otherwise take months to pull together. That’s the by-product of a lot of years, and contacts established through this blog.

Also for vendors, I do a PILE of writing. That’s everything from ghostwritten leadership pieces to white papers to wireframes of revised websites and sell sheets.

I also do a lot of sounding board work. We get on a call or I drop in for a day, to review plans and debate ideas and direction.

The bottom line with using me as a consultant – I’ve been there, and genuinely done that. I get it. And I see what’s coming.

Need help? Let’s talk.