Advertising on Sixteen:Nine

Overview: Sixteen:Nine is among the oldest, most respected and widely read blogs addressing the digital signage, DOOH media and converging media sectors.

The site differs from others following the industry because there is less attention to news and gossip, and far more of a focus placed on issues and context. When news is covered, the actual news is analyzed and given perspective. This blog is known for its direct opinions and my sense of humor, as well as deep knowledge from 13 years in this sector.

The site by the end of 2012 had roughly 3,000 posts, tracing back to early 2006. In 2011, I had a third-party ad deal in place that worked well in some ways, and didn’t in other ways. So now I sell direct, though just about any media placement is inbound, as I haven’t the time to chase those deals.

Traffic: Web server statistics are all over the map, and I could use the most inflated numbers with a straight face, because that’s what the stats packages say. So I have no freakin’ idea what is actually happening. I could inflate the numbers by posting about anything and just re-purposing the flood of PR that comes in my Inbox. But that’s not what this is about, or what 16:9 readers expect. I filter out most of the crap, post stuff I think is truly interesting, and give it some context.

What I do know is that I have a very loyal readership, most of it in North America and Western Europe. I also know from direct feedback that my views are read by many or most senior executives in the industry.

Advertising positions: The slots available are the top leaderboard banner and a 300 by 250 rectanngle in the right-hand column. I sell those together and severely limit the numbers. A smaller IAB-format MicroBar is available for budget-minded clients. Buys are all three-month minimums.

Contact: Dave Haynes – dave [at] – 905-592-1612. I have a rate sheet I can send along.