Report From LED Land

Doing the drinking from a fire-hose thing in my LED learning trip to Taiwan and Asia.

This a stack of reels of teeny LED packages Рmicroscopic diodes mounted and sealed in cubes with lenses. The reels, with something like 3,000 diodes on them Рare  loaded into a robotic machine the size of a fridge that then places them on a circuit board at blinding speed.

I’d post more pix but doing Internet things in China is not like doing things back home. Upload image. Error. Upload image. Error.

There is a LOT to this LED stuff and it’s pretty eye-opening.

In Shenzhen, China now – which is vast, almost all new, and insane. You can take the Hong Kong subway all the way to the border with China, walk a few hundred meters, and cross into China pretty much the same way you’d get off a plane and do the same. Walk around a corner and suddenly – mayhem.

Today, a 2-hour car crawl (I am told) out to a factory that grows LEDs.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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