Ayuda Rebrands Programmatic Ads Spinoff As Hivestack


Montreal-based Ayuda Media Systems has re-branded and somewhat spun off its programmatic advertising module as it own company, and under a new brand – Hivestack.

It’s a move to create some distinction between Ayuda’s core product — business process management software for out of home media companies — and what was Ayuda[x], which is for the media planning and buying side of advertising.

The two companies still share some of the same leadership, and the systems still work hand in glove. The Splash CMS and Player software that Ayuda developed several years ago  works directly with the Hivestack software.

From a press release this morning:

“Splash uses the Hivestack Exchange APIs,” says a press release today, “to make ad requests from all unsold spots in a loop of a digital unit. If Hivestack has demand for the unit, it responds in realtime with a VAST file that envelopes the creative. In addition, Splash uses the Hivestack Exchange API to retrieve 24 hours of creative for every unit bought through Hivestack, and then the Splash Player pre-caches the creative locally. Finally, the Splash Player reports back POP by calling a VAST impression URL after creative is played so that Hivestack can keep track of plays.”

“A synchronization process keeps inventory, campaign and audience impression data synchronized between Splash and Hivestack.”

“Ayuda’s integration with Hivestack enables media owners who use Splash as a CMS/Player to monetize their unsold inventory,” saysAndreas Soupliotis, CEO of Hivestack (and Ayuda). “In addition, thanks to a realtime avails integration with Splash, Hivestack SSP can verify impression availability of packaged deals prior to publishing to DSPs. This deep integration between CMS/Player/SSP functionality truly readies digital OOH media owners for new revenue streams from programmatic demand.”

I’d imagine digital agencies wanting to buy digital OOH media programmatically would have been a little thrown off by Ayuda’s offer, which has a bunch of tools media owners use to manage the nuts and bolts of both digital and analog billboard and poster. A separate brand makes that clear distinction for planners that Hivestack is the toolset for their somewhat opposite side of the ad business.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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