Luis Is Back From Holiday, And He’s Broke And (Still) Cranky

Guest Post: Luis Villafane, Maler

It’s been a long summer… and I have fully enjoyed it.

I have worked half-days since early June, and taken about five weeks worth of holidays. If I have to go to the beach again, I will literally jump out a window.

Luis Villafane

I started September in economic distress (traveling with three kids is expensive), but full of energy and ready to become a nastier and even whinier guest blogger. Reading through some of the posts from 16:9 in the last few weeks, I thought I’d pass on my thoughts on a few developments and news items.

The first thing is easy – the end of Flash. Oh boy. What are all those 1,000s of Windows XP embedded systems going to do now?

I never liked Flash … Sorry, let me re-phrase: I loved Flash, but I never liked bad Flash programmers.  Testing a 10 second Flash file that used 2GB of RAM just pissed  me off, especially when the file only helds a simple jpg and some crappy overlay.

BUT the topic remains – all XP and early Windows 7 embedded devices will not fully support HTML5, so I guess that all of the software houses that use Microsoft  engines will need to do some urgent coding.  They still have a few years to complete before Flash is totally gone. It is sad … the king is dead, long live the new king.

Porn on digital signage. Why porn?  I mean, its not like porn isn´t fully accessible from every type of device.  Why not put the latest screw-ups of the town’s council? Or list different conspiracy theories?  I wish hackers would be more original … porn thumbnails? Really?  That is just lazy after all the effort put in to hack the system.

SO, you want to put in and run a digital signage system over a commercial ADSL connection? With a public IP address, probably a non-configured router,  auto logins? It’s a system screaming “hack me and show me porn.”

To anyone planning to put in a digital signage network: Do your homework, and spend the money on your hardware and configuration.  Managed service companies exist for a reason.

Digital Signage Awards.  I am going to try and get myself a pretty award this year. Is it a cup?  I always wanted to win a cup, but I always got medals.

So Dave, wink wink … hee-hee.   I sure have done some networks that deserve a nice trophy. Is there an award for the best complaining about the industry? That’s mine.

New digital signage systems – Just a few notes:  Sharp, if your panel interface is going to look exactly like Philips, don’t bother.  Toshiba – just stop trying. Close down the digital signage department and don´t spend any more money.  Talk to Fujitsu or to Brightsign and embed their applications into “your” hardware.  Samsung and LG:  keep trying, you’ve almost got it.  But if I see another panel with the default MagicInfo video, or a picture of a mushroom or a dog I will withdraw my support.  NEC:  you have a nice RS232/RJ45 interface, but I am tired of having to send the same command three times so the monitor does what it’s told.

Now, a few to put a smile on your faces

Snap-in Devices:  This is a free one.  Do three different openings on the screen so we can choose in which one to slide in the device depending on its physical installation.  This way I don´t have to take the damn screen down because the spot is just un-freaking-reachable.

Cannabis Club:  Will work for food. Call me. 🙂

Coca-Cola´s morphing board:   Impressive.  But more impressive was the video from 1967, sorry.

Stratacache launches turnkey service:  Good luck guys. Didn´t want to be the Borg anymore and chose to become red-shirt engineers, huh?  I can understand it. We redshirts make a good living.  🙂   Remember, you can buy me out so I can dedicate myself to do … nothing.  It seems that you would now have a department to integrate our contracts.

PatientPoint:  $140M investor round.  Outcome Health: $600M.  No comment.  The things I could do with that amount of money … I´ll take 100K from each, thank you, nobody will notice really.  Call me before the Cannabis Club does.

That is it for now … I hope you all enjoyed your summer as much as I did. It’s back to work!

Luis Villafane
Luis R. Villafane graduated from UConn with a double major in International Relations and Spanish Literature, but always worked in IT security and administration. After a few years as a systems admin and audit agent in the US Dept of Defense, Luis moved back to Spain in 2000 were he started MALER Digital Signage Operations. He carries on his back more than 15 years experience in DS, with some of the largest and iconic networks in Europe, such as the London Underground, KFC, Danish Rail, O2 Arena. He loves pointing out crappyDigital Signage Software, and considers himself a DS puritan … whatever that means.
Luis Villafane


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