Video: CLEARInk Demos E-Paper With Color, Full-Motion Video

Ever since electronic paper first came out of R&D labs observers have been wondering if the tech could 1) go from black and white to color, and 2) evolve from static to motion graphic images.

The first challenge was cleared a few years ago, and now it looks like the second one has also been cleared. This is a video from the display nerd trade show SID in May, which shows at length how Silicon Valley start-up CLEARink, based on R&D that came out of the University of British Columbia, has small displays running full-motion color video. I think I heard 33 frames per second, whereas standard video is just a hair under 30 frames per second.

The tech was was among the Best In Show winners at the event. This is an earlier post about that.

Whether this ever finds its way to large format displays is an open question, but the company lists signage as a key vertical market and shows displays much larger than the demo model the CEO has in this video.

You should care because energy consumption is 80%-90% less than that of traditional backlit LCD displays.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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