If Digital Signage Companies Were Alien Star Trek Races, Stratacache Would Be The Borg

Guest Post: Luis Villafane, Maler

About a week ago, I was feeling pretty sick. Late at night, I had a very high fever, so I went to bed and ended up having one of those super-weird dreams that you only have when you get feverish.


It was about Star Trek Voyager … and Ken Goldberg. And a bunch of other signage people.

I didn’t wake up screaming, but that weird dream did have me scratching my head, and for some reason thinking, “What if all of us in digital signage were different races on Star Trek?”

Here is my top 10 DS analogies to Star Trek.  Please take no offence … it is just for fun.

  1. BrightSign:  I would have to say an Allasomorph.  Shape-shifting species that adapts to every software.
  2. BroadSign: I see them as Cardassians. A military dictatorship, you can schedule directly, but everything else passes through their servers.
  3. ComQi:  Betazoids.  Read minds.  Like during demos, when everything you request will be available next quarter.
  4. Scala:  This one is easy.  Romulans.  Higher Race, everyone else is a lower species.  They have their own Empire.
  5. DailyDOOH:  Ferengi. J
  6. MALER: We are obviously the “Q” – because I am writing this post, and deep down, I want to be omnipotent.
  7. Real Digital Media:  They have to be Klingon.  Just because I wasn’t able to crash/hack their device when I tested it.
  8. Ayuda:  Species 8472 from fluidic space and triple DNA structure.  Very powerful, but won’t make a 4th episode.
  9. Navori: Vulcans. They don´t do what you ask because there is no logic to your request.
  10. Stratachache:  Borg!  You will be assimilated.  Your uniqueness will be incorporated into our own.  (who would the Borg Queen be?  hehe)

OK, I will tell you the dream … the Borg wanted to assimilate the world via DS software (yeah, I already said I was very sick, right?)

So we all had to put sections of MagicInfo source code into our core DS applications.  Idea was that since Borg seek perfection, (and as MagicInfo is pretty bad), The Borg would not assimilate us.

Editor Notes:

  • Not a Star Trek guy, so I have almost no idea what Luis is going on about.
  • Ken Goldberg is the CEO of Real Digital Media, which was recently assimilated by The Borg.
Luis Villafane
Luis R. Villafane graduated from UConn with a double major in International Relations and Spanish Literature, but always worked in IT security and administration. After a few years as a systems admin and audit agent in the US Dept of Defense, Luis moved back to Spain in 2000 were he started MALER Digital Signage Operations. He carries on his back more than 15 years experience in DS, with some of the largest and iconic networks in Europe, such as the London Underground, KFC, Danish Rail, O2 Arena. He loves pointing out crappyDigital Signage Software, and considers himself a DS puritan … whatever that means.
Luis Villafane


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