SignStix Latest CMS To Add SoC Support

UK-based SignStix is the latest CMS software firm to go system on chip (SoC), launching a new embedded signage solution based on the new Philips D-Line display series.

What I find interesting about Philips’ “smart” signs is the displays actually have two embedded processors – with a dedicated chip for the operation of the display and a separate one for managing and playing content. One knock on SoC displays is the computing power inside was not enough to fully run everything smoothly. Dual chips would seem to make that go away. The units run on Android.

SignStix says its setup with Philips is “the first solution provider to offer advanced panel-control capabilities and commands, such as port locking (USB/SD) and peripheral whitelisting. This enables administrators to restrict access to external peripherals plugged into the panel, which will substantially enhance security.”

There’s always someone else who was actually first, it seems, but I don’t think this is at all common.

“Philips Professional Display Solutions have given us an unprecedented level of access to the low-level firmware on their new panels, due entirely to our credibility in developing solutions from the ground up,” explains Nick Fearnley, SignStix Managing Director and CEO.

“The extensive access Philips PDS provides to native applications means that SignStix Director – our content management and deployment tool – is able to manage not only the deployment of content, but also fully integrate the panel control mechanisms directly into the dashboard,” Fearnley adds.

“Normally this would require a separate application and infrastructure, so adding these new features directly to our very cost-effective online platform removes many of the commercial and operational barriers to enterprise-level rollouts.”

SignStix says it is “already halfway through a UK-wide rollout to a major name in the retail space,” using the SoC solution.

I’ll have a big special report up on SoC next week, fingers crossed. Just waiting on a sponsor ad.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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