Pattison Adds Visual Proof Of Play To Digital OOH Ad Delivery Platform

The Canadian OOH media company Pattison Outdoor has beefed up its ad planning and management platform to meet growing pressure from brands and agencies for advertising performance metrics and transparency.

The new version of what’s called Eyewitness Proof of Performance (POP) now includes the ability for clients to capture data and images for their digital outdoor and digital place-based campaigns.

The system can now log proof of play visuals by screen captures or webcam stills and then that “proof of digital posting” goes up to the Eyewitness real-time posting portal.  When campaigns end, clients get more than just a number saying the file played —, — times. They get visuals.

It builds off what Pattison was already doing on the static side – taking images when a poster or billboard was installed and putting that in the portal so clients have some comfort what they paid for actually went up.


“Pattison Outdoor was the first to introduce an advancement in Out-of-Home campaign proof of performance reporting with Eyewitness POP, which allowed our clients to monitor their Outdoor and Transit campaigns, while creating a level of transparency never before seen in our industry,” says Randy Otto, President/CEO.

“Today, as part of our ongoing efforts to provide our clients with state-of-the-art customer service, we are excited to introduce another advancement for our Digital Outdoor portfolio and Onestop’s Digital Networks. An industry first, this addition to our web-based platform provides clients with direct access to monitor their Digital Out-of-Home campaign information. This new capability will have all of the same reporting features that clients would expect from our Out-of-Home reports, but with the added ability to capture images for every upload and creative change for their digital advertisements.”

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
Dave Haynes is the founder and editor of Sixteen:Nine, an online publication that has followed the digital signage industry for more than a decade. Dave does strategic advisory consulting work for many end-users and vendors, and also writes for many of them. He's based near Toronto.
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