France’s Videospot Adds WordPress Digital Signage Plugin

A French software firm, Videospot, has added to the still short list of companies that have developed WordPress plugins to make digital signage run on the hugely popular website and blogging content management platform.

“The idea,” says Videospot’s Pierre Arlaud, “is that you can create a page or a mini site under WordPress. You may choose any WordPress template. The plugin creates a .zip of it and integrates it into our SaaS platform as a content/app.”

Arlaud says his company already has integration partners using the plug-in, which is free. However, that plugin is a feature of Videospot’s SaaS platform. Arlaud says his company “offers probably the most competitive prices on the market.”

I know very close to zero about this firm, so really can’t comment on their pricing or much else. What I do know is that while WordPress is almost certainly not a solid option for networks of any scale, for small, low-demand networks, this sort of thing might be all that’s ever needed to run and manage a short set of files on screens.

Here’s a roundup of other WordPress digital signage options on the market …


Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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