Walmart Testing Giant Digital Vending Machine For In-Store Pick-ups

Photo Credit: Field Agent

Photo Credit: Field Agent

There are multiple reports online, all picking up on a couple of reports, about a giant vending machine-like in-store pickup system being tested at a Walmart near the retailing giant’s head offices in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The Buy Online/Pick-up In Store tower is a 15-foot tall multi-sided kiosk thingie that allows locals to order items online and then walk into the store and pick them up from this giant machine, which you can see from the image has a set of stacked displays at the top and several more in the area referencing the set-up.

Observers say it behaves somewhat like a vending machine, in that buyers key in their confirmed order number, a window opens, and there’s the item that was ordered.

The data and insights collection firm Field Agent wrote about the test site, sending some of its people to the store to try it out.

“We know speed and convenience are important to our customers, and we’re always looking for new ways to bring it to them,”Walmart spokesperson told Business Insider. “We are excited to be one of the first companies to test this new technology and are looking forward to hearing feedback from our customers and associates.”

It’s just a test, and takes up a hell of a lot of space. My local Walmart, and I’m sure many/most Walmarts, have some in-store pickup locker things near the checkout lanes, but nothing like this.

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