Projects: Saudi British Bank Adds 60+ Screens In Riyadh Banking Center


The Saudi British Bank in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has added a series of displays around its premiere banking center on Tahlia, the city’s high street.

There are four video walls around the three-level branch, including a 4 by 3 curved wall. There are also tablets ands regular displays around the branch, intended to create a memorable customer journey, and touchscreen pods along the ATM area.

What’s interesting to me are the ways LED is used here:

  • There are three 2 metre by 3 metre transparent LED displays, suspended from the ceiling, along the glass front facade of the building, facing the high street;
  • The interior wall is lined with an irregular-shaped, fine pixel pitch LED wall (above) that’s there primarily for ambient content, but is also integrated with the bank’s queue management system, so line-up numbers pop up on the wall.

The project was done over just 37 days – with Ramadan and Eid in there as well – by the Dubai/Kuwait company 2.0 Concepts. The content is running off Appspace, which has an office in Dubai.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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