Projects: BMO Lights Up Twin Video Walls In Toronto’s PATH System

BMO CDM Video Wall

This is a pair of 3 by 5 video walls, using 55-inch narrow bezel displays, in the underground PATH concourse system/maze that connects most of the big office towers in downtown Toronto.

Done for BMO Financial Group, the wall is in the walkway system at BMO’s flagship location, First Canadian Place. The guys who put it in, Cineplex Digital Media, are touting it as the largest canvas for a financial institution in North America.

The digital wall’s objective is bringing to life BMO’s brand promise of “We’re Here to Help” in a meaningful way, says Cineplex.  That means in the 30 seconds or less that people approach and pass by the wall, they are inspired, curious, surprised and entertained, while finding BMO’s interesting trivia facts and tidbits, plus weather and train schedules, helpful to getting through their busy days. 

The first creative piece featured on the video wall is titled Inclusion. It was created for Toronto’s huge PRIDE Month and designed by the CDM creative team, the piece is a celebration of diversity, inclusivity and acceptance. It depicts a story of an individual’s journey of growth and finding acceptance. The piece, which will be showcased from now through mid-July, is designed to  demonstrate BMO’s commitment to Pride and overall diversity and equality missions.

CDM was involved in developing the digital strategy for BMO from solution development, installation and content strategy, to day-parting, creative strategy and content development. CDM has handled BMO’s in-branch digital merchandising for several years.

I like the scale of this and minimalist layout and design. I also like the idea of contextually relevant content. I assume the local streetcar information really fires up around quitting time, and is less prevalent at other times of the day.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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