Webinar: Digital Signage Meets IoT, Using Raspberry Pi


Posts on doing digital signage projects using low-cost Raspberry Pi single-board PCs continue to generate crazy amounts of traffic on this site, so I continue to take an interest.

A CMS solution called Screenly generates a lot of interest on 16:9 and on Raspberry Pi forums, as did recent news that Screenly was switching its operating system to a new Internet of Things-ready version of Ubuntu, a widely used open-source version of Linux.

We’re going to talk a bit more about that on a webinar June 1st put together by Canonical – the company behind Ubuntu – and featuring Viktor Petersson, CEO of Screenly.

The free session will look at signage trends , technology disruption and how IoT will impact the signage market. Petersson, as you might expect, will talk about how his company has been successfully running a CMS on the $45 micro PCs.

The webinar is free, and you can register here …

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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