Defining The Digital Workplace

Photo: Vladimir Kudinov

Photo: Vladimir Kudinov

Guest Post: Brandon Harp, Barco/X20 Media

The digital workplace has many different meanings, and as someone selling visual and software solutions into that space, I constantly find myself asking  customers what the digital workplace means to them.

Very few have clearly defined answers.


Brandon Harp

The IT research and advisory firm Gartner describes the digital workplace as a new, more effective way of working, that raises employee engagement and agility, and exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies.

Here’s my take: I define the digital workplace as giving employees real-time access to key information, presented in a rich context, to the right person, at the right time, on any device. A fully connected workforce provides unprecedented opportunities to collaborate, mentor, share knowledge and focus resources by rethinking the delivery of information.

Part of the solution is traditional digital signage – screens scattered around the building or campus. But it’s not the whole solution.

Corporations that are making full use of the digital workplace concept and process have extended their digital signage to reach users at the desktop level, and through real-time information sent to their mobile devices. These are powerful tools and keys ingredient to success.

Corporations that are already using digital signage are looking for innovative ways to maximize their investment in that software and hardware.  Specifically, they are integrating their digital signage with their company Intranet (SharePoint, Jive, etc.), where a vast majority of employee-related content is stored. These adopters are not only able to automate and simplify workflows, but they also increase the visibility of relevant employee content,  without relying on employees to log into the system to retrieve the information.

For companies that have adopted the digital workplace approach, the value proposition is an immediate increase in decision-making capabilities, more effective information exchange, improved efficiencies, and reduced costs.

The digital workplace is here to stay. Plan for it, embrace it, and strategize for both short-term and long-term success.


Brandon Harp

Brandon Harp

Northeast Regional Sales Manager at Barco X20
Brandon Harp is the Northeast Regional Sales Manager for Barco X2O. Brandon has over ten years of industry related experience and is viewed as a subject matter expert by his customers and peers. You can contact Brandon via Twitter or LinkedIn and follow his journey through the Digital Workplace on Instagram @content_kingx2o
Brandon Harp


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