5 Myths About Digital Signage


Guest Post, Richard Fortin, ITES Media


Richard Fortin

The digital signage industry has been growing quickly in the last few years. Big players in retail and large companies have both adopted this method of communication.

It is, regardless, a fairly young industry that evolves rapidly and this creates misconceptions. We have therefore decided to dispel five of the most frequent myths about digital signage.

Myth #1: Digital signage is difficult to install

With the evolution of technology, it is now simpler and simpler to enjoy a digital signage network. The cost of equipment, including monitors, has significantly decreased in the last few years. Simply think back to old CRT monitors that had to be installed overhead. Nowadays, monitors are often very thin and relatively light, therefore much simpler to install. As for the signage system and external peripherals, they are also fairly simple and quick to install. Most companies will assign a specialist that can complete the installation in less than a day.

Myth #2: Creating graphical material is expensive

This is important for any company that wants to benefit from the advantages of signage by showing off the company’s colours and graphic standards. There are of course costs related to this service, but they are not necessarily expensive. In most cases, a graphic designer will take inspiration from existing graphical models on your website or sales documents in order to build unique signage templates for each client. Each project is different and prices are defined based on the work to be done, but, on average, the content strategy and the creation of personalized templates cost about $3000 per project.

Myth #3: The costs are exorbitant

For many years, the field has been growing exponentially. Most of us now have a cellphone, a laptop, many televisions, and a tablet. This strong demand in the field of technologies has driven fierce competition, which greatly benefits consumers. This competition between companies has of course brought a reduction in price and great technological advancements. The digital signage market is no exception. The costs of equipment have significantly decreased, as have the management fees since the software is simpler to use. Once more, to give an idea of average costs, a turnkey project with content planning, content strategy, and two monitors should cost you around $10 000. This includes equipment, installation, content strategy, graphics, and the content management system.

Myth #4: Modifying content on a screen is long and complicated

If you are using effective and user-friendly content management software, a change should only take you a few minutes. After training, which should be included in your project’s implementation, persons in charge at your company should be able to modify or add a message in less than 30 seconds. A good practice is to have your signage templates built by a specialist at the start of a project. This way, you have all you need and the modifications will be much simpler.

Myth #5: The impact on your audience is minimal

Without planning, your screens will probably just be a decorative fixture in your office. Good planning and a good knowledge of your target audience are crucial before undertaking such a project. First of all, determine what the goals of your monitors are. Then, in order to ensure that the monitors are watched and that they have an impact, there are many factors you need to consider. Their placement, the signage templates, the interests and needs of your target audience, the duration of your animations and messages, to name a few, are all aspects to analyze in order to ensure you reach your intended results.


In summary, digital signage is now a simple and relatively inexpensive way to reach your company’s communication goals. Of course, there are several pitfalls that should be avoided for a good return on investment. I encourage you to read another guest post we did for 16:9 –  5 Mistakes to Avoid in Digital Signage to improve your reflection.

Richard Fortin

Richard Fortin

President at ITES Media
Richard Fortin is President and co-founder of ITESMEDIA, which is providing clients with innovative products in digital signage technology. A turnkey solution from preliminary strategic planning to software development, graphic design, equipment management, sale continuous, automatic content and interface updates and more. ITES takes its solution and adapts it to clients' needs.
Richard Fortin


CEO at ITESMedia with a solid experience in deployment of visibility solutions with digital signage and interactive kiosk solutions in the real estate market.
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Richard Fortin

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    Thanks for sharing these. I really like the last point you made. There’s a lot of planning that goes into putting together great and effective signage, but it really pays off when customers (or potential customers) notice what you’ve created and are drawn to your business.

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