Tightrope To Debut All-In-One, POE-Ready 22-Inch Display At DSE


All-in-one and System on Chip displays have been around for a few years now, and the companies behind them have naturally been display manufacturers. Though many, many CMS software companies have developed solutions to work on these displays, it’s rare to see a software company be the lead on a display product.

Tightrope Media Systems will be showing off a 22-inch all in one touch display at its booth next week at Digital Signage Expo. The units are aimed at retail, for use-cases like end-caps, as well as forlarge campuses (corporate, higher education) and exhibit-based environments (museums, zoos and parks).

The hook is that the unit is, of course, powered by and specifically works on St. Paul, MN-based Tightrope’s Carousel digital signage software.

The display was developed in partnership with Thinlabs, which makes specialized thin client and desktop computing solutions. The units have projective capacitive touch displays (p-cap is what you have on good tablets) and quad core processors. They have Power over Ethernet capability, hot-swappable motherboards, and three-year warranties.

“Many of our customers have requested an all-in-one kiosk solution that marries the data-rich benefits of Carousel software with an interactive touchscreen that provides a familiar tablet-like user experience,” says Eric Henry, VP of Signage Solutions, Tightrope Media Systems. “This innovation brings that responsive, high-performance touchscreen experience to consumers through a design that is both easy to deploy and maintain over many years, lowering total cost of ownership for the end user.”

I won’t say this is a unique offer, because there’s no doubt something else out there I am forgetting or just don’t know about. No end of CMS companies could put something like this together with smaller SoC displays.

But a lot of end-users and integrators are happy to find things that make their project a little easier to put together, and a lot of unfamiliar, non-technical end-users won’t know this is just a smart thing to put together and not, as they may think, amazing. Being able to but the end-cap they want, with software optimized for it and POE-ready, might resonate very well out there.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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