Preset Group DSE Mixer Now Sold Out


It’s six weeks tomorrow to the annual Preset Group DSE Mixer, but as of 9:01 this morning the general admission tickets were sold out.

We will be hosting as many as 400 people at the annual networking event, on the eve of the trade show floor opening in Las Vegas.

If you did not bag a ticket, all is not lost. There are some sponsor allocations that tend to not get totally used up, as well as people who get tickets and then let me know they can’t show. I now have to figure out how to set up a wait list on the new booking system being used this year.

Name badges are already being printed, I have a box of 400 lanyards in my office, most of the sponsor videos are done, food and drinks have been arranged and we’re generally good to go, way ahead of schedule. It helps that I wasn’t on a plane once in January, whereas last January I seemed to live on them.

Watch this space and check the mixer micro-site for more information. And if you have a ticket or for some weird reason registered twice (noticed a few of those), let me know.


Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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