Here’s A Look At LG’s Two-Sided OLED Panel


Via Engadget …

Here is that two-sided OLED panel that LG said it would be showing at CES this week, courtesy of an Engadget writer and his smartphone video camera. It was posted via the gadget blog’s Instagram account.

It’s pretty wild to see something that skinny pushing out deep, rich video back to back. But the practical use-case for this is not readily apparent (to me, at least), and there is a long list of “buts” associated with this sort of thing, starting with “… but it would cost a fortune.”

Companies like BenQ and Viewsonic already have back to back LCDs in enclosures that are maybe 2cm thick – bulbous compared to this, but arguably about as skinny as they’d really ever need to be.

Click the image to watch the brief video …

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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Dave Haynes


  • Hey dave, is the practical use case really not apparent to you? If price becomes reasonable, every concourse or terminal or whatever where both sides are visible can use this. In a floor mounted totem, I agree, the thinness is not wanted due to strength concerns. But when hung overhead and away from abuse, I see the thinness of this integrated solution producing a significant wow factor while also simplifying mounting due to less weight.

    • Dave Haynes says:

      Hey Bryan, I’m no expert on OLED displays but what I’ve read and been told is that it has issues with image retention (like the old days pf plasma screens, when ghosted images would stick if the images didn’t change) and the displays don’t do well with direct sunlight, which is a lot of concourses in places like airports.

      I’ve seen OLEDs that just stick on walls with magnets and transparent OLEDs that look amazing, but at least for the near future they will only find their way into big ticket showcase installs. If OLED overcomes the price issues, and the more troubling technical challenges, I’d love to see them out there. But I’m not sure OOH companies will spend the extra dollars for displays that are skinnier and give them true or almost true blacks.

      I guess we’ll see.

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