My Chromebit Is Truly In Hand


When Asus finally put Chromebits on the marketplace last month, I decided to order one online.

No could do. At least not in Canada.

I tried a week later and no luck. No one had them, though there was a place in the US that had them on back-order and they maybe, just maybe, shipped into Canada.

Earlier this week I tried again, and up popped a site with them. So I went through the motions, expecting something about out of stock, or back-order, to eventually pop up.

Nope. Ordered it. FedEx just showed up with one.

So I hope to carve out some time in the next couple of weeks and through the usually placid holiday period to try this little $85 US (or $987,060,012 CAD – the dollar’s down a bit lately) device, and see how it does running video and motion graphics. I want to try Google’s own signage application, but if your CMS supports Chrome devices, and you want me to give your cloud-based toolset a whirl, let me know.

Where’d I get mine?



Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
Dave Haynes is the founder and editor of Sixteen:Nine, an online publication that has followed the digital signage industry for more than a decade. Dave does strategic advisory consulting work for many end-users and vendors, and also writes for many of them. He's based near Toronto.
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