Projects: Kenzo’s 4-Sided Square LCD Backdrop Wall In Dubai’s MoE Mall


Ok, I’m back at World HQ after a week in Dubai.

Mission accomplished on establishing some business ties way over there, and in going sufficiently far away that I’ve frequent flyer gold status again. If you fly a lot, you’ll understand the value of separate check-ins, early boarding and, in international hubs, showers.

I didn’t do a lot more mall walking while there, so can’t add much more to this post, however I did spot this little French-based apparel chain Kenzo, which had a video wall configuration I’d never seen, and quite liked. The store is in the giant Mall of the Emirates.

It was a four-sided, tall column of, I was told, 99 square LCD panels all sync’d together for wrap-around, ambient content. In this case the content had a jungle cat theme. The wall wraps around the change room that pushes out from the back of the small store.

I like the square panels – likely Samsung but I think Planar has them, too – but I don’t often see them.

The store opening video suggests the wall and content were cleverly used as a backdrop for fun photos and selfies.



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Dave Haynes

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