Heading To Dubai


I’m speaking at a Customer Engagement Technology Conference¬†in a couple of weeks in Dubai. It’s one of those places I’ve wanted to see, and also a place that I gather has a lot shaking in the digital signage sector.

My talk is Nov. 25th at the event, which I don’t think has any ties to the now-defunct CET World show that ran for several years in New York. It’s an event that covers a lot of ground, and I’ll be talking specifically about signage and strategy.

Some business contacts there are setting me up with meetings about consulting opportunities. But I’m there all week, and happy to get together to see what companies are doing and if Preset can help.

I’d also love some pointers to some signage projects I need to see, particularly if they are away from the mega airports, malls and towers I’ll inevitably see. I’ll also welcome advice on where to find a good pint in the Media City area.

You can reach me at dave.haynes at presetgroup.com

photo credit: Late night at the marina via photopin (license)

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
Dave Haynes is the founder and editor of Sixteen:Nine, an online publication that has followed the digital signage industry for more than a decade. Dave does strategic advisory consulting work for many end-users and vendors, and also writes for many of them. He's based near Toronto.
Dave Haynes


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