Four Winds Opens Impressive New HQ Digs


Denver’s Four Winds Interactive showed off its new digs last night, as the kickoff to its 2-day conference called Forward.

The place is a BIG step up on the funky but overcrowded place the company was in the last few years, and wildly removed from the old house the guys who were there in the early days vacated on weekends so it could be rented out for functions.

The place is three levels just outside of downtown, with lots of room, lots of natural light and a whole bunch of screens, The office, opened last week, has three levels, including a street-level entry across from the History Colorado Center.

Among the bells and whistles:

  • carpeting that in places is embedded with networked LED lighting (so messaging and directions in the floor);
  • a massive briefing center with dozens of screens in various configurations, that also contains a lot of partner product;
  • staff perks like hydraulic desks that can raise or lower on demand, a substantial fitness studio with shows and change rooms, very high end latte machines, and lots of the quirky meeting areas that more typify a dotcom start-up.

It’s all open concept and no offices, which would make me insane (too many years having a door I can shut). But lotsa people like that stuff.

And it has parking and transit, which the old place did not.

Easily the most impressive offices I have seen for a pure-play signage software company, and it would have cost a couple of bucks to put together.

My good intentions to take pics went sideways – as there were lotsa conversations going on. But I did grab a snap outside and another in the lobby on the way out.


Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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