Maybe It’s A VERY Subtle Microsoft Ad?


I tend to give a pass to small start-ups and teeny companies that have dead screens or error messages, as they have limited resources and in many cases are learning hard but good lessons about operations.

But Outfront Media – until recently known as CBS Outdoor – showing giant Windows errors because they didn’t have the proper licensing? Sheesh. Whoever runs ops needs a shake.

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Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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Dave Haynes


  • Another Reader says:

    I do not think your repeated posting of industry issues such as these is productive in any way shape or form, things do go wrong and you can install Windows and not register it for a while, this image doesn’t mean it’s pirated software.

    I’m not saying this is acceptable but I think you would contribute more positively to the industry by not posting these kind of issues.

    Please ask yourself; “what value this post has brought to the industry?”

    • Dave Haynes says:

      Hi Another Reader

      I’m pretty selective, as I actually note in the post. I don’t point these things out for pure sport, as I could do that endlessly.

      I disagree with your suggestion that we should all just ignore the mistakes being made out there. Every vendor is asking customers to invest in their technology, and when those buyers see stuff that isn’t working, the buyers have reasons to second-guess their intentions.

      So, addressing your question, the value of these kinds of post is in acting as reminders that all networks of all sizes – tiny and small – need to strive for excellence. A major media firm should not be making these kinds of mistakes.

  • Oops this last post proves Dave Haynes really doesn’t know what he’s see or talking about and that really makes him sound f.o.s. by those that do. This particular very infrequent black screen and error message occurs for those running an OEM instance of a Windows OS. It goes away when rebooting into Safe Mode and then restarting from Safe Mode

    The message does not necessarily mean the instance of Windows OS is –really– not legitimate. This startup error is not replicable and occurs very infrequently when running an OEM instance of Windows OS on a machine with a retail hardware profile.

    Those that buy their OEM installed on a disk that is then put into a machine generally sold in retail are still perfectly in compliance with OEM licensing.

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