Projects: Low-Rent Digital Signage At MSP


My two-day micro-vacation is done and I am back in airports again – Minneapolis-St. Paul at the moment.

Spotted this at some men’s shop on the main retail concourse post-security: Two screens in the flanking entry windows, each showing the website, and not even in kiosk mode so all the header and footer crap, and mouse arrow, show.

Pretty much a total waste – particularly since all they need to is a few minutes of repackaging some of the website images as full screen images with calls to action to yank people in.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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Dave Haynes


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  • All you had to do is walk into that men’s shop and show them how to press the F11 key on the keyboard which will toggle the browser into and out of full screen mode making all of the desktop and browser chrome disappear so to speak.

    You would have made a friend for life.

  • At least it wasnt THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! 🙂 I am thinking, maybe this is the way, to make the customers feel at home!?

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