Rouge Media Powers Up Smartphone Charging Station Digital OOH Ad Network

Phone Charge Station Progress Hub

Toronto-based mediaco Rouge Media Group has launched a network of ad displays built into charging stations for mobile devices and located in a wide variety of high traffic locations.

A targeted 1,000 stations will be installed across North America, in places like restaurants, bars, college campuses, spas and beauty salons. Each station features a digital screen that displays video advertising, as well as audio. The charging stations themselves are being supplied by DanTeb Enterprises of Toronto. Advertisers at launch include TD Bank, H&R Block, LVMH, Bayer, Fido and VIA Rail.

“With the rise of mobile, we felt strongly that our high dwell time environments demanded DOOH screens that were not simply a passive interaction with audiences,” said Alison Jacobs, executive vice-president at Rouge Media Group. “The free charging aspect is a practical and in-demand service that allows brands the opportunity to surprise and delight the consumer.”

The company already has a long history of selling static ads in these environments, so it is not the big leap of faith we’ve all seen with other charging station networks that have popped up in places like airports, and usually disappeared.

I wonder if improving battery life on smartphones – and the availability of portable battery sticks (I have 4) – limits the amount of usage the stations will get, but the headcount/foot traffic is the same around the screen whether phones get plugged in or not, I suppose.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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