Live Posters Sense How Busy London Pubs Are; Nudges People In For A Pimm’s


Here’s another very clever idea enabled by the guys at LivePoster in the UK – a digital poster tied-in to smartphone-sensing data that tells passers-by whether a pub is busy and suggests dropping in for a drink.

The Spirits Business trade publication reports how booze giant Diageo is behind a digital poster trial tied to a small set of pubs around London. Sensors detect smartphones in geo-fenced areas – presumably looking for phones with WiFi on – and sort out how busy pubs are by the number of phones versus occupancy rates.

Reports Spirits Business:

This is remeasured every five minutes so if a venue becomes full, it is removed from the list and the advert redirects customers to others still filling up. The data is combined with local weather conditions to ensure tailored information is displayed on each digital poster.

The trial will run until early July, and is deployed in eight Taylor Walker pubs in Victoria and The Metro restaurant and bar in Clapham. The data from partaking venues will be displayed on digital posters located around popular transport networks.

Jonathan Ansell, new technology and media innovation manager from Diageo, said: “We’re really excited about this trial which marks both a unique partnership with some of our customers and innovative use of footfall and thermal sensors in an out-of-home campaign.

“We’ve chosen transport networks to try to win that vital first drink of the night. When the sun is shining, we know our consumers enjoy a Pimm’s and find somewhere with the space to do – and we’re using technology to help them do just that.”

In partnership with Diageo, Lighthouse is providing the technology and data feed for the digital poster, Liveposter and Posterscope are delivering the smart creative and Clear Channel is providing the out-of-home space.

Pimms, by the way, is a liqueur.


Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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