Projects: Jurassic World’s Dinosaurs Dominate London’s Waterloo Station


JCDecaux is running a domination campaign at London’s Waterloo Station that ties into the release of the new film JURASSIC WORLD, using the large digital screens in the terminal and even creating a dinosaur museum gallery.

The one-of-a-kind campaign is dominating every outdoor advertising location in the commuter hub. including an immersion zone that blends ambient audio with immersive visuals from the blockbuster, like raptors in a jungle, a creek with a canoe and a prehistoric underwater show.

In what is described as a global media first, the campaign is using Beakle – an audio syncing technology that lets smartphone users point to a URL and listen to the audio for video features running on the station’s big screens.

This technology will also be used to deliver the audio guide for the dinosaur museum gallery located on the mezzanine level.

3D models of the movie’s raptors appear to have broken out of a crate plopped in the middle of the main terminal floor, and announcements welcome commuters arriving by train to JURASSIC WORLD Waterloo.

“Jurassic World is creatively utilising every asset in the station to deliver the UK’s most unique and memorable Outdoor advertising campaign to date,” says Stacey Knight, Director of Futures and Content at JCDecaux. “It is a true showcase of the spectacular power of Out-of-Home and the global media firsts add that element of surprise, making the campaign extra special. Incorporating Beakle into the mix too provides a powerful new dimension that will deliver a level of engagement never before offered in the Out-of-Home environment. We are delighted to be working in partnership with Universal to bring this campaign to life – transforming the UK’s busiest commuter hub into JURASSIC WORLD Waterloo.”

This would have cost a few pounds Sterling to put this in place, but then, the movie made more than half a billion dollars on its opening weekend.


Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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