DSrupted Update: Two More Speakers Set


After a second stretch of busy this year that has me pretty much in a fugue state (though tallboy cans of Shock Top snap me right out of it), I’m having a sufficiently slow week that there’s been time to actually plan.

Cool concept. Must do that more.

The big focus of planning at the moment is DSrupted, the 2nd annual conference looking at the technologies that are forcing rethinks and retooling of the digital signage industry. I now have four of five speakers set and an eye on the fifth guy (though I would dearly, dearly like this to NOT be an all-male speaker roster).

You may have already read I have Mike Pell from Microsoft coming from Seattle (flight already booked!) to talk data visualization, and Brad Parler of Blinds.com coming up from Houston to talk about how he and his bosses totally re-thought how to do effective corporate communications content.

I need to get pix and bios from the other two guys, but I can say one is an Internet of Things expert who knows retail and will get past the hype and buzzwords and talk about real-world implications and applications for signage. The other is a guy who will talk about how he transitioned his software company off Windows and the traditional ways of doing things, and has gone totally ChromeOS.

Details on those two to follow in the next few days.

The last area I am looking at is display technology, from the perspective of where that is going.

Tickets are now on sale for DSrupted, which is Sept. 16 in downtown Toronto. If you book now you get $50 off as an early birder.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
Dave Haynes is the founder and editor of Sixteen:Nine, an online publication that has followed the digital signage industry for more than a decade. Dave does strategic advisory consulting work for many end-users and vendors, and also writes for many of them. He's based near Toronto.
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