Seneca Puts Solid State NUC On Market


The little Intel NUC seems to have generated a lot of traction as s signage player, as I often hear from vendors how they are using the little boxes.

The original ones were little plastic clamshells that made a lot of tech people nervous, but the product line has predictably evolved and the enclosures are now aluminum and they come in anything from entry-level Atoms and Celerons to much beefier Core i7 versions.

There’s also a parallel market for NUCs that companies like Seneca are playing in. The Syracuse-based company, now owned by distribution giant Arrow, has for the last couple of years had a more industrialized version of the NUC, arguably better suited for many digital signage jobs.

Now Seneca has a self-contained, totally solid state NUC designed to deal with the dust, dirt, flour, grease and other airborne crud of many digital signage environments, notably food services.

The unit is fanless, has solid state storage and the power supply is inside, instead of a separate brick on a cord. The unit is rated to run up to three independent displays simultaneously, or 4K. There are i3 and i5 versions.

No prices supplied, probably because of the old “it depends” thing about specs.


Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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