Raspberry Pi Married To E-Paper, And They Make Digital Sign


Here’s what I THINK is the first Raspberry Pi to be directly married to an e-paper display to make a rudimentary digital sign – the HAT Display from Percheron Eelectronics.

The gadgets are being marketed via a Kickstarter project, at about $57 a unit, or 2 for $101. The HAT has a 2.7-inch e-paper display, as well as a battery-fuelled real time clock.

The blog Linux Gizmos reports how the set-up complies with the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) stacking add-on board standard, which we recently saw in Pimeroni’s Explorer HAT IoT and motor control add-on. The HAT support extends to matching the “device tree configuration of the required GPIO pins by the HAT EEPROM,” says Percheron.

The HAT Display is touted for use as anything from a desktop clock to a Twitter feed station. It could also, I suppose, make for a meeting room sign if it was married to an Exchange server or Google Apps.

Units start shipping late summer.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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