DSrupted 2015 Taking Shape For Sept. 2015

DSrupted 2015

I don’t think the mikes had even gone on for the first DSrupted last fall and a main sponsor was already talking about doing it again. Roughly six months out, I can say we are indeed planning to do it again.

The one-day conference that looks at disruptive and emerging technologies is being shaped again for mid-September in Toronto. We’ve confirmed and reserved that same great, intimate and wonderfully central space at the Telus Conference Centre for Sept. 16.

We looked at trying to sync up with the Digital Trends Showcase micro trade show that’s been held in Toronto the last few years, but that’s three weeks later (10/6-7) and the planets didn’t align.

We’ll change very little from what we did last year because it all seemed to work pretty well. We’ll just do some things better, now that we have some experience. We’ll also try to hold the price at the same number, or close.

The format will likely remain the same – full hours on single topics and speakers: 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes for Q&A. We’ll do a panel at the end to wrap things up.

I will be looking for two key things: sponsors and speakers.

For sponsors, first rights go back to the companies that invested in the original event, and I will be in touch this week. Telus is already in as the Host Sponsor. But if you have an interest in supporting and associating your company with the event, zip me a note at dave at sixteen-nine.net

For speakers, I have 1 of 4 already pretty much sorted but need those other three. I am looking for good speakers with interesting things to say about topics such as generative visualized data, analytics and ROI, and the fast-shifting hardware/cloud platform scene. I’m far more interested in people who are not part of the digital signage speaker circuit, and not interested at all in pitches – of which I had many last year – from companies looking to showcase their pots and pans in the guise of a speech. Attendees are not paying and taking precious work time off to be sold to.

Got ideas on speakers you’ve seen or know? Again, zip me a note at dave at sixteen-nine.net

DSrupted is also not doing any sort of trade fair thingie in the hallways or elsewhere, so there is no opportunity to set up a table and show this or that. There’s money in that for me as an organizer, certainly, but I’ve rarely seen instances where these bolt-on mini trade shows  look good or really deliver for the vendor. I’d rather bake in the pre-event, in-event and post-event time and technology to enable awareness and networking.

There will be a mixer the night before, probably at the same place. And we’ll probably have a less formal arrangement for drinks nearby after the mikes go off, as I will need a beer or two after that.

Watch this space for more details as they firm up.


Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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