Output Launches 24-Hour Crowd-funding Effort To Keep Lights On


The team at UK-based Output magazinewhich is looking squarely at turning the lights off tomorrow – has launched a one-day crowdfunding campaign to raise 10,000 pounds sterling to keep operations running.

It just went up live this morning (afternoon in UK) and they are at roughly 20% already of the £10,000 goal. But keep in mind the initial money is often easier than the last bits, so don’t assume it will come together and you can take a pass.

This is a little publication started for all the right reasons – covering a vertical market and employing people – that has run into a banking wall, and needs help, at least for now.

Crowd-funding is probably not a sustainable operating model, but a solid interim measure.

My little 1.5 person company has contributed, even though Output is kinda sorta competition. I don’t see it that way, at all, though.

Fire up your PayPal account and transfer over a few bucks. One company has donated £1000, which is awesome.



Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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