Codigo Goes HTML And Android In Major Platform Revamp


Louisville-based software and solutions firm Codigo has joined the ranks of companies offering an Android solution, part of a new software release the company says rolls up a bunch of messaging systems into one HTML5-driven platform.

“Two years ago, we saw a need for the consolidation of multiple retail media solutions into a single user interface, as well as the requirement to support various hardware platforms and operating systems including Android and Windows,” says Codigo’s CEO Brian Nutt.

The Version 4 platform, says Nutt, was aimed at a pain point it was seeing in the user marketplace for something that would roll up digital signage, on-premise music, on-hold messaging, and interactive touchscreen kiosks.

“What separates us is the consolidation of these technologies. No longer is a user required to log in to separate systems to run a Windows appliance rather than an Android— the same goes for the messaging products themselves. We want people to just log in and go,” adds Nutt.

I am aware, certainly, of other providers that do most of this under one umbrella, but I’m not sure I have seen on-hold messaging included, or the ability to run Windows and Android units within the same network.

The company now has a pair of teeny units, one Android and the other Windows, aimed at trimming hardware costs and the player installation footprint – though I think it can be argued players got small enough years ago.


Continues the release:

Codigo’s new digital signage product includes a fully-integrated, web-based content editor. The editor allows users robust graphic design control often desired by digital signage users—but not commonly available. The tool allows a user to completely customize files from Codigo’s massive Content Vault, providing creative control over everything from simple text edits to in-depth layout changes for backgrounds, images, and positioning.

“Content creation can be very expensive and time consuming,” says VP of Media, Brandon Bass. “Our HTML5 editor is so simple, most people don’t even need help to get started—much less training or tutorials,” added Bass.

Other highlighted features of Codigo’s software includes power control for monitors, customizable 24/7 notifications for complete network management, and user-defined, data-driven content to display social media, rate boards, menu boards and meeting schedules.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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