Fire Recovery Fund For DS Vets Passes 4K But More Needed


The fire relief crowdfunding campaign put together by a daughter of well-known and much-liked industry vets David and Jill Miller has passed the $4K point, but that’s less than half of what Hailey Miller is trying to raise for Mom and Dad.

The two were among scores of residents who were wiped out by a massive fire less than two weeks ago at a residential complex on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River, looking across at Manhattan.

The Millers – Jill now works with Samsung at its NJ main office – lost everything but the clothes they had on that day. Even their cars were destroyed. Anyone who has been through a fire or other disaster knows no matter your means or insurance coverage, the short-term costs of pulling lives back together runs up sooooo fast.

Writes Hailey in an update:

Thank you everyone who has donated! We can’t even begin to explain how grateful we are for everyone’s donations! It means so much to all of us, especially my parents. If everyone who has donated could send their addresses, that would be wonderful! Again thank you for everything! 

You can donate here:

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Dave Haynes

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