Pisignage Puts Raspberry Pi Digital Signage On Chrome


An Indian company, Ariem Technologies, has launched a digital signage software solution that mashes up a couple of buzz heavy technologies – Google’s Chrome platform and the Raspberry Pi micro PC.

pisignage is a cloud-based Digital Signage Solution for Small Enterprises. The Signage Player is based on Raspberry Pi, an off-the-shelf credit-card sized Computer. The Cloud server comes with a simple Admin Panel, enabling you to deploy the solution in minutes. PiSignage on Chrome provides the same Signage Player features in a Chrome Application. By installing the app, you can experience the player functions in your PC/device and without the need for a Raspberry Pi.

To get started, you get an account, download the Chrome app and register it using a device ID displayed on the Pisignage website, then off you go.

The service is free for up to three players on a network. After that, you pay for more licenses and more storage.

I like that the platform is driven by HTML and lightweight code, and uses an HTML player that means while the product is position as a Pi thing, it can run on other devices with browsers.

This takes the count up to 15 slices of Raspberry Pi for digital signage.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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