Project: Shiny Baubles Go Interactive With PERCH


A new pop-up jewelry store in NYC’s SOHO district opened up the other night with a cool little interactive piece put together BaubleBar by the guys at PERCH.

PERCH, who some will remember had a nice little shoe demo thingdoodle at DSE this winter, set up an overhead projection-driven product area that let guest on opening night interact with the shiny objects.

On its company blog, PERCH says:

By combining the digital and physical experience of shopping, PERCH enables BaubleBar to transform its rich digital and social media experience into a fully immersive retail experience where customers can interact with the product in person. As a customer picks up an accessory, an explosion of diamonds scatters around the product, and the area beneath transforms into an interactive portal that educates the customer about the product she holds in her hand.


The “Spotted On” feature on the BaubleBar display incorporates user-generated content from their Instagram. Photos were drawn from the company’s social media page to give customers examples on different ways to wear the item.

“We have seen through data collected online that showing women how and when to wear our jewelry really drives engagement and conversion,” said Amy Jain, co-founder, BaubleBar. “We are excited to work with Perch Interactive to help us bring this content to life in a fresh and innovative way that we believe will enhance our customers offline shopping experience.”

The BaubleBar PERCH is the first PERCH installation designed exclusively to showcase jewelry. BaubleBar’s pop-up, at 131 Greene St. between Houston and Prince, will be open through August 13.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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