Building The List: Who Does Digital Signage Creative?

I get asked all the time about who to talk to about digital signage creative, and I always say it’s a surprisingly short list. There are very, very few companies whose primary business is producing creative for digitally-networked screens.

So I thought I would build up the list, and share it around here.

There are a few categories, and a few that don’t count. I’m not looking for software and services companies that have creative people on staff or contract. I’m not looking for syndicated content companies. And I am not looking for creative shops that would do digital signage if it fell in their collective laps. Some of the best creative seen in this space gets done by companies that rarely or ever use the term digital signage.

I’m looking here for the pure play (or as close as it gets) guys who are a day to day part of the ecosystem and spend much of or all their time producing creative work that shows up on digital signage screens as ads or other content.

I assume I am forgetting some companies, and looking for people to chime in and I will add (if they do indeed fit). Send me notes or use the comments to add your two cents.

Creative Shops



Arsenal Media

Blink Multimedia

Blue Pony

Flixio Studios

Gilmore Group

Grand Visual

Saddle Ranch Digital



Met Hodder’s ScreenGuru

Visible Spectrum




Jezam Interactive

Unified Field

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Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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  • Eric Schmidt says:

    It would also be interesting to find out if there are divisions within companies that are beginning to address digital signage initiatives. I see a lot of organizations putting signage up, only a few of which are paying close attention to their content strategies – especially long term.

  • David Drain says:

    Thanks for doing this. I get asked this question every now and then, so I will probably start pointing them here.

    I note signagelive has a list on their website:

    Some you have, others fall into the syndicated content category. You might consider adding 2hemispheres and Grand Visual.

    Alpha Video has a division that creates content called Alpha Creative Services.

  • IMVINET Is a fully integrated Digital Signage company and has a staff of developers and designers that create content for our Digital Signage clients. Digital Signage is a new media and its content must be created and personalized for each audience and client, creating maximum impact. DS is not TV or a pasive PowerPoint presentation, all content created for DS must be fresh, updated in real time, and must integrate with the audience. Therefore, we have develop animations that our clients can update thru a simple web interface or animation that get updated thru the use of information from DataBases, WEB, SocialMedia, etc… Please check our website for more information.

  • Dave Haynes says:

    Thanks Juan

    Your firm is among many of possibly most companies that offer software and services, including content. I’m looking to build a list of companies that started and operate with creative content in mind, as opposed to those companies that include creative capabilities.

    Dave H

  • Mike Jerugim says:

    Jezam Interactive does interactive digital signage creative for hotels, trade shows, public spaces, museums, education, real estate, conferences, B2B and SMEs. Both large format and mobile, with transmedia and social media strategies behind them.

  • Dave Haynes says:

    Thanks Mike

    Based on what I saw I have added you to the list under interactive

  • Don’t forget to add GilmoreMedia!

    GilmoreGroup designed and managed implementation of the largest digital video spectacular in Times Square. The Walgreens Times Square Spectacular, totaling over 41,000 square feet was designed to unify 8 separate ‘billboard’ properties on the building and create an unforgettable branding statement for Walgreens. GilmoreMedia is currently managing operations and developing all the multimedia content for display on the screen.

  • Dave Haynes says:

    Yvonne, I have added your firm, as well as Unified Field under interactive

  • Neal Kielar says:


    A welcome resource to the industry. Thanks for including Met|Hodder’s ScreenGuru cloud-based content platform. We’ve just added the ability to exchange audio files as a message-building asset. Have to keep on innovating!

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