NEC Wins Big Display Deal For New Vegas Airport Terminal

NEC announced a nice order this week for 900 displays for the new Terminal 3 at Las Vegas-McCarran International Airport, which opens in a couple of weeks.

The new terminal (yay, freaking yay … the old terminal I always end up in is just, well, old) will have¬†182 46-inch and 723 40-inch LCDs to be used for ¬†flight, baggage and gate information, security checkpoints, gate-holding areas and check-in counters. Most of the units are also using slot-loaded PCs.

The airport has been using NEC displays since 2006 (though there is that honkin’ big Samsung in a new area I never see). There are more than 1,000 NEC displays already in Terminals 1 and 2.

The release doesn’t mention it, but I am pretty sure the software being used in the new terminal is Four Winds.

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