Cirque Coming To DSE … Well Sorta

Arrangements have come together to get a version of the BuzzWall that Arsenal Media did for Sun Life Financial and put it in the Christie booth next week at DSE in Las Vegas.

The experiential wall has Christie’s MicroTiles as the focal point, and Arsenal’s content is as good as always, so it would have been forehead-slapping easy to decide to get it in the DSE booth.

The wall – nominated for one of the DSE project awards – went up at the Kodak (now called something else until the owners  sell the naming rights) Theater in Los Angeles last year when the Sun Life-sponsored Iris showed opened up. The show – an ode to the world of cinema – was developed and is performed by the famed Cirque du Soleil. Like Arsenal, Cirque is from Montreal.

Looking forward to seeing this in person.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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