Rave at ISE2012: Vids, vids and more vids

Content partner rAVe continues to have its team running around ISE in Amsterdam show video. You can find them all here at ravenowise.com

You could spend hours looking, and I think the crew could better balance organization and curation over sheer numbers. But here, for example, are a couple of companies doing the transparent LCD thing that was an Oh Wow a year ago and now seems pretty common.

Vinyl kinda does OK in showing their product in the context of selling vodka. Hyundai, not so much. It’s pretty important to market a new product in a way that clearly gets across why people should care. Stratacache is the one company I have seen producing a product using transparent LCDs and showing it embedded in freezer doors that can swing open to get the product inside.

In short, real world usage versus “Hey, look, isn’t this cool???”


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